Garret Schauteet


I’m a creative digital designer and really shitty developer working with 123w, a Vancouver based idea and design collective for modern thinking companies. Web design, identity, experiences, and interfaces are my thing. I attended Capilano University’s IDEA school of design and have been recognized by DesignEdge, RGD, GDC Salazar awards, Canadian Regional Design Awards, and One Page Love.




2015 RGD Student Awards

   ‍  BRANDFX Western Canada Award of Excellence,
   ‍  Honourable Mention

2015 GDC Salazar Awards

   ‍  Honourable Mention — Brand Identity

2015 Canadian Regional Design Awards

   ‍  Best In Category (BC)

2015 Canadian Regional Design Awards

   ‍  Finalist x2

2014 RGD Student Awards

   ‍  Normative Award for Interaction Design,
   ‍  Honourable Mention

Garret Schauteet —

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